The Best Game you’ve Never Played!

In all of video gaming there is one game which I think is the most underrated game of the 21st century. and that game is F-zero GX!!!


Made by Amusement Vision (the same studio who made Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2) in 2003; “F-zero GX” is probably the most underrated racing game of all time selling only about 300,000 copies during the time it was being sold.

In this article I’ll be going over the gameplay, story, soundtrack, and presentation to try to explain to you why I think this game is so good. and maybe try to explain why it sold so poorly, and why you definitely play this 14 year old game.

Section 1: the Gameplay



So like I said before, this is a racing game. But it’s not just any racing game, It’s an future racing game. What I mean by that is that F-zero isn’t about racing cars you would see in real life, In F-zero your racing hover cars from the 24th century! In the 24th century there is a racing circuit called F-zero (instead of F-1 racing it’s F-0… get it?), this is where most of the game takes place. Over 5 different tracks you have to race 29 other racers to shoot for the first place trophy

Because it’s the future the cars are magnetized to the race track you can race up the wall, upside down or any direction you can think of. this allows all the tracks in the game to be complex and varied. My favorite track is fire field!

maxresdefaultmaxresdefault (1)

Fire field is basically a cylinder, so that lets you drive around on any side. This stage does a great job showing off this mechanic.

Like any other racing game, F-zero has boost pads you run over to gain speed. A health bar and a Boost button you press to boost. What’s interesting about the boost in this game is that the Boost in this game takes away from your health so there is an extra layer of strategy with the boost. There are a lot of traps on the tracks so use your boost wisely!

Now on to the vehicles. There are over 40 different vehicles and all of them feel like completely different cars when driving them.


Some cars might have low acceleration but a high top speed, they also may have great all around stats but terrible handling. The game designers made sure there was a lot of variety so that every player will find the car that suits there play style the best. Trust me you’ll need it, because this game gets hard. and I mean ball busting hard.

That brings me to the next point, it’s difficulty. At first you’re going to fail a lot, no matter how good you are at video games you’re going to suck at this game. But the more you play it, the more you understand all the mechanics and memorize all the tracks, the better you get at the game. And that is what makes this game so satisfying to play. seeing yourself improve is probably one of the most satisfying feeling you can have in life, and the gameplay of “F-zero GX” brings out this feeling.

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