Microsoft’s Xbox One X Looks Awful and it Probably Won’t Sell.

Microsoft Just had their presentation and announced the Xbox One X. They are calling it “The world’s most powerful console…” And despite this claim, it really doesn’t look like the worlds most “powerful” console.


Now I’m not doubting that this is the world’s most powerful console. I think that right now, that that statement is technically correct. I mean look at these specs! A 6 teraflop GPU, 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth and 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory! Damn, That sounds more powerful than the Gaming PC I own. But what’s that? it’s 500$??? That’s a lot of money… but surely Microsoft has a fresh line up of games for the Xbox one X that will justify this 500$ price tag. Let’s take a look at the games and find out!


First up Is Forza Motorsport 7. Now as a non-fan of forza I’ll try to explain the game to the best of my knowledge. Forza is kind of like a racing simulator, sort of like Gran Turismo for the PlayStation. It’s actually one of the most popular racing game franchises of all time. Now this is just a preference, but personally I don’t like realistic racing games. As someone who isn’t interested in cars, I’m more of a fan of a more arcady racing game. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the game, but I’m not going to buy a 500$ console to play this the game. Why would I when It’s also playable on the original Xbox One?


Next Is Metro Exodus, Sequel to Metro: Last Light. Now what makes this game interesting is that it’s not only a sequel to 2013’s Metro Last Light it’s also a sequel to the Metro Book Series written by Dmitry Glukhovsky. I can’t say anything about the quality of the game since I haven’t seen any gameplay or played any of the previous games. But guess what, it’s also coming out on ps4 and PC so when it does come out in 2018 I’ll probably save my 500$ and get it for one of those!


Next is Assassins Creed Origins. Great, another Assassins creed game, how many is that? 10? Jesus, how many times can you make the same game? I’m not very excited for this game because I find assassins creed to be boring, the “follow that guy” missions get old fast. The only game that I didn’t completely dislike was black flag, and that was because it had less to do with assassins creed than the rest of them. So I can safely say that I’m not getting the Xbone X for this game. Plus this is also going to be on the original Xbox One, so even If you don’t have an Xbox in the first place what is stopping you from getting a normal Xbox one to get this game? It would be a lot cheaper that’s for sure!


Oh good! another game that I can get for the PC! There goes another game that doesn’t look like a must buy for the Xbone X.


Next up is deep rock galactic. I Already I don’t like this games aesthetic. It’s low poly and cartoony, and set on an alien planet… sound familiar?


But despite looking like No Man’s Sky, it’s actually a cave explorer multiplayer game. It’s four players and the game has you going through a cave fighting hordes of aliens. Sort of like left 4 dead. It’s in pre-alpha, meaning that it isn’t going to be released any time soon. So far there have been 5 different games and none of them make me feel like I need to get an Xbone X.


The next game that was shown was State of Decay 2. Again, I haven’t played the last State of decay but it looks like another zombie game. They didn’t show anything that separates itself from the other million zombie games out in the market so I see no need to get this one.


Next is the Darwin project. It kind of looks like the hunger games mixed with the cartoony style of over watch. What separates this game from other multiplayer games like this is the abilities you can use. You can use Different powers like a force-field and invisibility. From the trailer, it looks like it’s trying to be a more competitive game. But you know what they say about online competitive games… “they are only as good as the community that plays them” and we all know the type of player-base that Xbox attracts.


Then they showed Minecraft. Since Minecraft is on every gaming console imaginable, I really don’t feel the need to get a 500$ Xbox because of this game, why would I? It looks the same on every platform I get it on. What would I be gaining by playing this on an Xbox One X?


O.K. This one actually looks pretty good. It’s called Dragon Ball FighterZ, and for once it’s a traditional fighting game! Look how good the gameplay looks! Not only does the game look like the show, It looks like a solid game! It will be released on the normal Xbox One in 2018 with Xbox One X “enhancements”. Although it looks pretty good, It doesn’t look all that technically impressive. Maybe it will run smoother on the Xbox One X, but I feel like this game can be played on any console on the market right now.


The next game is Black Desert Online. It’s an MMO that’s on the Xbox One X and on Windows. By virtue of it being an MMO I would rather play it on my computer, so this game isn’t going to sell me the Xbox One X.


Then there is Sea Of Thieves. If there is one game that made me wish I had an xbox One X, It could be this game… Key word could. It looks like a pirate MMO where you team up with other players to search for treasure and fight other pirate crews. This game could be good depending on the amount of depth the game actually holds. But we won’t be sure about that until the game comes out. Could Sea of Thieves be the revival of Rare? Only time will tell. Oh… Never mind it’s also for windows, I’ll just get it on steam.


This game “Tecoma” had the worst presentation I have ever seen in my life. The point of presenting your game at e3 is show off a proof of concept, Right? well “Tecoma” forgoes explaining what the game is about for the most vague trailer I have ever saw. Give it a watch, and try to tell me what it’s about without looking it up online. I dare you.


Next is Super Lucky’s Tale. It looks like a 3d platformer from the ps2 era, and I don’t mean that as a complement. I don’t mind styalized graphics, but why was this game shown off at E3? Isn’t the big selling point of The XboneX is that it’s the most powerfull console on the market? if that’s the case show me some games that I can’t play on any other console other than a XboneX! But besides that it doesn’t look like it brings any new mechanics to the 3D platformer genre, so i’m going to pass on this one.


Wow, Going through every game sure is taking a long time. If I talk about all the games in this press conference, I’ll be here forever.


The point is that Microsoft Really screwed up this E3. Apparently, Microsoft is betting a lot on the success of the XboneX. Well if that is the case, then Microsoft sure does have an odd way of showing that! How the hell is Microsoft going to sell a 500$ console if all the games on it are available on a much more affordable console, And doesn’t show off the graphics that the Xbox One X is supposedly able to pull off?

I applaud Microsoft for trying to make their E3 More about the games, But this just isn’t the way to do it. The Xbox One X looks like it’s going to be a failure unless Microsoft does something fast.


Author: themoviegamer

I'm just a heavily opinionated 17 year old who likes movies and games. In this blog I will be voicing said opinions.

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