Pepsi Fire is The Worst Soft Drink I have Ever had the Displeasure of Tasting

Pepsi Fire is the worst thing I have ever tasted in My entire life. No that isn’t an exaggeration, It’s actually that bad.


You might be thinking, “well, that’s just your opinion.” You’re right, it is my opinion, It’s my opinion that it’s a goddamn fact that this is the most heinous creation mankind has ever had the displeasure of creating.

What’s so wrong with it? well for one thing its cinnamon flavor… you know, like from your favorite cinnamon challenge videos


Like, who thought it would be a good idea to put cinnamon of all things in a soft drink. Yes i know that it’s an artificial flavor, but it tastes like cinnamon and it has the same aftertaste you would get from eating cinnamon.

In all my life, I never saw a cinnamon flavored anything, so who’s bright idea was it to make a soda drink out of it? that’s like making a Soft Drink out of vinegar… I mean with the right recipes it can be used for great affect, but under no circumstances should it be eaten by itself.

apparently there was actually sister drink that goes with it aptly called Pepsi Ice.

Pepsi_ice_mintIt’s mint flavored

As far as I know, This was actually sold for a short period of time internationally before coming here to the states. In the countries of Guam, Saipan, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam. And, get this, It wasn’t recieved well… If they know it sold like crap why are they selling it here?

As far as I’m concerned this is a waste of shelf space and I can’t wait until they get discontinued. I’ll give this an item about a 2/10 just, the only reason I give it a 2 instead of a 1 is that i’m sure that it has some people that like it and I don’t want to offend the 2 people who think that way.


Sorry there wasn’t a film review today. I haven’t had the time to go to the movie theater and I wanted to review something current for once. Thanks for reading this one anyways and have a great day.


Author: themoviegamer

I'm just a heavily opinionated 17 year old who likes movies and games. In this blog I will be voicing said opinions.

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